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Arena Challenge 2018


Dear Archers

Silkeborg IF Bueskydning, Aarhus Bueskyttelaug and it's passionate club members is hosting the third Arena Challenge, “International Archery Event”, 27th and 28th January 2018.

On behalf of Silkeborg IF Bueskydning and Aarhus Bueskyttelaug, I welcome you to this unique tournament. Our organizers are making a big effort, to make it an unforgettable archery event.

Competition award 3.000 €.

Best regards

Arena Challenge Committee

Bjarne Laursen




                     Danage of Scandinavia



Qualification is 2x30 arrows at 18 m. The top 24 archers will enter our unique Arena Challenge, a setup of group-matches and head to head shooting.

Competitors, who do not reach The Arena Challenge for the 24 best, will compete in the Second Challenge Final-run.


Compund Women and Men

Recurve Women and Men

Details about the competition will be published here.